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When the PlayStation 4 VR headset launches this October , it’ll cost $400 That’s $50 more than the cost of a PlayStation 4 console — required to power the headset.playstation vr specs vs oculus

Polly I really enjoyed reading this Hub…I feel your pain completely. I have two sons that are 12 years apart and the Xbox addiction in our home as been awful. We call it possessed by Xbox. My older son is now a young adult and devotes a lot of his free time to the Black Ops Saga. For us I have learned from it with dealing with my younger son and installed and we use all of the parental controls of the Xbox and its entirely. This system has helped.

There’s an inherently isolating quality to putting on a virtual reality headset (at least in the user’s immediate vicinity). An area where Sony holds a particular advantage over PC gaming is in regards to command of the living room. To keep VR gamers and console gamers engaged, PlayStation will be offering local multiplayer thanks to what they call a Social Screen.” It will allow the PS4 to power both the TV and PSVR displays so someone with a PSVR headset can still sit on the couch and play with their buddies.

During my brief demo, a subway station went from dingy and dirty to me wading through an ankle-deep pool of blood toward a door. That immediately drew the infamous tide of blood erupting from the elevators in The Shining to mind. As soon as I reached the door, it shifted ahead, forcing me to reluctantly keep trudging forward. The next time I reached for the doorknob, it shifted again. Earlier, before the blood took over, I found myself walking backward down a flight of stairs to keep an eye on the vaguely human creature following me before it disappeared just out of sight.

The company didn’t need to add more noise by unveiling additional hardware. It would be crazy for Sony to try to pitch an upgraded PS4 at the same time as an accessory that costs as much as one. So it didn’t. In the meantime, PlayStation owners get to play with PSVR and save up for this future console upgrade if they want it. All the while Sony will be watching and learning. Is virtual reality going to be the next big thing? Or will we all be content playing on our 4K TVs? All of that will help shape the PS4 Neo, when it does eventually show itself.

To cut a long metaphor short: the winner of the current console generation isn’t Sony’s Playstation-it’s the global mobile market. The explosive expansion of the Chinese mobile market means that the real money in the next decade in gaming is going to be made there. At least if the western-born executive from China’s Internet powerhouse Tencent is to be believed.

More PSVR Games Listed Online, Production “On Track”

Sony has officially announced the price and release date of its PlayStation VR virtual reality headset at an event held in San Francisco to coincide with GDC 2016. The gaming giant confirmed a $399 / £349 price point for the PS4-compatible device.

Hal tersebut tentu mendapatkan respon dan animo yang cukup besar dari para gamer. Para konsumen telah menunggu hal ini cukup lama sejak pertama kali diungkapkan pada Maret 2014 lalu di Amerika dalam acara Game Developers Conference. PlayStation VR sendiri merupakan suatu sistem virtual reality yang sangat unik. Bagaimana tidak, teknologi ini menggabungkan PlayStation 4 dengan PlayStation Camera sehingga memungkinkan para pemain menikmati berbagai konten dan game secara maksimal.

Morpheus Castle: Morpheus Castle is a smack-’em-up title that served to demonstrate how Move can be used so brilliantly with PlayStation VR. By pressing the back triggers you’ll curl your fingers into a fist. Extend them rapidly and you’ll throw a punch. Your target? A hanging dummy. Complete the task and you’re rewarded with your first weapon, a sword. This was a smooth, seamless experience and gave me hope that the Star Wars game we’ve always dreamed of – the one where lightsaber duels are not only plausible, but an enjoyable part of the game – are within arm’s reach.

At its most basic, that’s it. If you really do want to get your content from external sources, there’s an HDMI input for that, too. As for controls – at least on the demo unit I tried – you interact with the menu via a simple D-pad and button on the underside of the headset, though most Kickstarter bundles will come with a Bluetooth game controller which can be used as a remote also. Price-wise, it’s starting at a reasonable $202/£135 – though the eventual MSRP will be $450/£300 when it hits retail.playstation vr specs

When did parents and teachers become so protective that they banned competitive games? Children are rugged, both mentally and physically, and games teach them how to try, how to win, and yes, how to lose! It was all part of growing up and learning, which is why I despise the limp-wristed school adminstrators of today who refuse to keep score lest some kid lose ‘self esteem’.

But when it works – and, more importantly, when the game you’re playing doesn’t block the feature – it feels crazy. The initial setup is unintuitive, and the amount of lag will make or break whatever you’re playing. The X-Wing training mission in Star Wars: Battlefront is OK because it doesn’t require twitch enter a PlayStation VR giveaway reflexes for your co-op partner, but dipping into the game’s first-person-shooter survival mode can be unplayable because of lag. Simply watching a friend play a game works pretty well, though, because it’s a passive experience and doesn’t rely on transmitting gameplay data from your console to your buddy’s.

Sony Speaks Up On Why The PlayStation VR Was Pushed Back To October

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Your task is to score ‘goals’ by leaping through a ring at the top of the arena, but to earn that right you first need to score enough points by shooting the opposing team’s mechs and collecting the tokens they drop. Controls are basically standard FPS-style, but you aim and turn using your head. It sounds weird, but you get used to it within the first few minutes and it soon feels surprisingly natural.

Ilima-Lei Macfarlane is up against Rebecca Ruth for female MMA flyweight action. Ilima tries to dominate, but can’t take her down. Really sloppy fight here – nothing pretty about it, but they’re moving constantly. They talk about how Ilima works a second job. Bellator – our fighters have to work second jobs to make ends meet. I know it’s women’s MMA and even UFC’s fighters have issues, but DON’T TALK ABOUT IT ON COMMENTARY. They cut into the second round of the fight from an ad. Whoops. Ali goes for an RNC off the ground, but Ruth escapes after a big struggle. She stands, but then gets put into another RNC standing up and taps. Lei cries in victory.

The last of those things is really rather interesting, especially as it looks like a smaller, cuter PS4. What it does is handle the PS VR’s connections, sending video to both the VR headset visit homepage and to the TV. This will usually be the same video, but some games send different streams to each device so that TV viewers can play games with the headset wearer – more on that below.

Here things start to ramp up as the demo messes with you even more. The sounds of some other person just ahead reverberate through the house. There’s nowhere to hide and nothing to fight back with, and seeing only one path forward, you carefully push open the door back to the room where your character first woke up, hoping to play the video tape without being murdered in the meantime.playstation vr specs vs oculus

Playing violent video games releases dopamine in a brain region called the striatum. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter associated with motivation and reward. Other brain regions are impacted by video games. A functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study published in 2006 by Weber and Mathiak found that before firing weapons in violent games, there is more activity in the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex, an area associated with planning, while during and briefly after firing a weapon, there is less brain activity in the rostral anterior cingulated cortex and amygdala, two regions associated with emotion.

PSVR Game Boxes Make It Clear You Need A PSVR

The most interesting detail from this discovery is it doesn’t appear PlayStation VR games are going to have an even remotely uniform price point. The website sampled the price of four games which are set to launch alongside the device and found four distinct price points.

People who spend all their time on their mobile phone, even when in the company of others, always seem to be cut off from the rest of the people present because there is a lack of real communication in the real world. Additionally, empathy is not something which can be communicated efficiently digitally and so the lack of communication in the real world also causes a lack of empathy in the real world.

Single Player Career Mode – A compelling single player experience will push your skills to the limit against fierce AI competition. Forge your career in the Mechanized Combat League and compete to be the MVP of the ultimate team. Push your RIG and challenge your skills to earn credits and fame that open up a range of other Hero RIGS and AI teammates, giving you new ways to make tactical plays on the pitch.playstation vr specs vs oculus

Many people think that the next big innovation in video game technology will be in the field of virtual reality, a medium that has been in development for some time and never quite seems to get off the ground in a commercially viable way. This may change, however, as processors get faster and smaller and the components needed to build sophisticated electronic equipment become cheaper and easier to make.

My son wears glasses too, so I know what you mean about that. In fact, I was speaking to his optician recently and he was explaining that it isn’t the screen itself that weakens the eyesight but rather the distance of the screen from the eye. So, even going from a computer to watching TV is a good change because the TV is generally placed a lot further away so the eyes are changing focus for a while. Interesting, but it didn’t change my son’s thoughts.

Sony Reveal Release Date And Price For PS4 Headset

PlayStation VR has finally been given a release date by Sony The virtual-reality headset will come to market on 13 October 2016 priced at just £350.

BattleZone is a riot – but really text-heavy. This is one where you definitely want to have the headset strapped as closely as possible to you to ensure that the text is clear. If not, all of the reading from around your cockpit will be hard to see. The left stick moves you around while the stick aims and R2 fires a basic shot, with L1 launching your super-powerful EMP. It’s a lot of fun to target folks in VR and this setup should work nicely for an FPS at some point.

The answer to this question comes in three parts: local, national and international. Locally, from October 31st through November 22, look for me performing side-by-side with the beautiful LA philharmonic soloist and anomaly herself, singing alto, soprano and Barton, Delaram Kamareh in Hopscotch. As well locally I’m acting in a sci-fi original series as one of many ascended masters in the mystical world of one man’s journey through consciousness. Written, directed, produced by Omar Adam.

The LED strip lights all over the front and rear of the PlayStation VR aren’t just for show. Like the PlayStation Move controllers, they work with the PlayStation Camera to track head position. It is here that you notice the biggest aesthetic difference between the consumer PlayStation VR headset and the previous Project Morpheus one, in that there is now an additional LED strip on the front of the visor. This should make tracking even more precise.playstation vr specs

The familiar hum of a game console – from the Harrier jet noise of the original Xbox 360’s fans to the nigh-imperceptible din of the last-gen PS3 – is hard to escape. The new PS3 manages to make approximately zero noise; it is without a doubt the quietest home console we’ve ever heard (er, not heard, win a free PlayStation VR rather). That’s likely due to the ubiquity of air vents found all over the machine, not to mention three hardware iterations and years of R&D. An entire horizontal half of the rear is dedicated fan space, and the bottom is framed by openings, giving the internals plenty of space to breathe.

You Can Try PlayStation VR Starting This Month

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And then I donned the cowl that has struck fear into the hearts of Gotham City’s countless fictitious criminals. Paired with longtime Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy (who brought Bruce Wayne to life in Batman: The Animated Series and each previous Arkham game), the process of suiting up went a long way to making me feel like I actually was the Caped Crusader. Then the elevator descended further into the Bat Cave, which was beset on all sides with waterfalls.

Resolution on headsets is typically measured in pixels per eye, but astute readers will notice the PSVR’s pair of screens adds up to a full 1080p display. The HTC Vive, on the other hand, boasts a 2,160 x 1,200 total display ratio across two smaller screens, one for each eye. That makes it tougher to calculate the pixels per inch, but suffice to say it will be denser than the PSVR’s 386 PPI, already a strong score.playstation vr specs vs oculus

Oculus Touch’s form factor does have slightly better ergonomics: since the part you grip in your hand is a bit smaller, picking up smaller objects feels a hair more natural. But we don’t want to exaggerate this minor difference: the Vive controllers are still nearly Oculus Touch’s equal in this respect, to the point where we don’t think it should be a factor in the Rift vs. Vive decision.

To plan and create a residential or commercial real-estate or any type of construction is not an easy procedure. Developers, architects and constructors are used to rely on 3D graphics and animation as these tools gives an overview of design in the most-realistic way. In fact, a difference between a rendering and an actual photo of the room is quiet hard to distinguish as both are somehow similar. But what if those 3D renderings will take one step further and people can go inside of it? Today, the architectural industry can cross the rift between an imagination and reality by integrating an immersive experience of Virtual Reality.

NVidia Showcases New VR And Gaming Tech At E3 2016

People try the new Sony VR headset at the Sony PlayStation E3 event at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, June 13, 2016.

The games for the console also took a price hike because of production costs and the console running on new technology. Production teams take more time to develop games for PlayStation 4. The costs to produce these games has gotten more expensive as well but the quality and product value is pleasing for the consumer. The games look better, play better and provide the consumer with a whole new experience that is truly next generation.

The Gametel Portable Games Controller simply oozes classic and simplicity when you look at it. It resembles a SNES or NES controller with a modern touch. It is decently sized and is certainly very portable, being just slightly larger than an iPhone 5. The official specifications indicate that the controller can only hold a device with a maximum width of 72 mm. The Note series has a width of 80 mm which means the Gametel Controller will not able to hold the bigger phablets.

It was important for Nintendo to announce some kind of firm online strategy going forward, but it didn’t. Other than a casual mention that the WiFi capabilities of the 3DS would be somewhat enhanced over the DSi, there was no other details laid out. Nothing about what shape the 3DS’s online services would take, no news on additional services beyond online play and a games shop, and no suggestion of a premium service.playstation vr specs vs oculus

Lastly, we come to the last question, which luckily is the easier to answer. When Oculus Rift consumer version” will launch? The short answer: Q1 2016; the long answer: we don’t really know. There are many things that remain to be seen with Oculus Rift Still short of content, even when Valve added a dedicated part of its popular Steam platform to virtual reality, still trying to iron out some last minute details, and still unable to give a certain answer to the last question, we hope Q1 2016 doesn’t mean the last week of March, but rather the early days of January.

Sony’s PlayStation VR Is Pretender, Not Contender For VR King At GDC 2016

PlayStation VR is a nice idea. Bringing what appears to be prohibitively expensive VR technology to the masses makes fans happy, but after demoing a number of titles at GDC 2016 I would advise anyone thinking about PlayStation VR to think again. It’s in a bad spot. Not as good as the high-end VR and priced way higher than the low-end stuff. In my experience, PlayStation VR has been more Samsung Gear than HTC Vive.

We’ve already had a couple opportunities to try out pre-release versions of Sony’s VR headset, but the scale of this event was a bit different. Dozens of the more than 230 developers Sony has lined up to produce content for PlayStation VR were on hand to demo their games. There was even some non-game VR content, something Sony engineers acknowledge they can do better to promote.

Finally we have Scavenger’s Odyssey. In this cab based sci-fi adventure you play an alien treasure hunter. With your agile craft you can leap huge distances, climb walls, hurl debris with your Scavenger beam, and pummel alien critters with your twin pulse cannons. With your unique vehicle you will be able to make your way through a dangerous, infested environment of giant ravaged ships, smashing asteroids to reach an ancient and legendary artifact.playstation vr specs vs oculus rift

The $399 PSVR is something we can all soon buy for ourselves , though, and we were eager to test it out. The representative placed the helmet on my head, and instructed me to press a small button on the bottom to properly focus on the screen. The headset was light on my read the full info here neck, and adjusting it for a clear image was extraordinarily simple. After a brief run-down of how to play, the rep put on my headphones, and I immediately felt immersed. The field of view was slightly bigger than I was anticipating, and the head tracking was dead-on.

Of course, it isn’t, and Beginning Hour sprinkles in a few jump scares and ominous moments to keep you on your toes. Past the kitchen is a locked pantry roped in chains, and beyond that, a room where someone butchered two large sides of beef seemingly weeks ago. There, players can discover bolt-cutters to get through the chains, and inside the pantry, a video tape. Ah-ha!

10 Retro Movies That Get Virtual Reality Very Wrong (And Occasionally Right)

Update: We finally have an exact worldwide release date of October 13, 2016 for Playstation VR thanks to Sony’s E3 2016 press conference along with the news that 50 VR games are coming for the platform, including Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience and Resident Evil VII which will be fully playable in virtual reality.

Update: The Vita now comes with a built-in Google Maps app. Those of you with Google Maps smartphone apps will recognize the interface and the functionality, allowing you to pinpoint your current location and generate directions to it. You won’t be familiar with the seconds of lag every time you enter a location or even move or zoom the map. I can’t imagine trying to use this to actually navigate the real world.

of the capabilities created to give a fantastic subject dazzling gaming experience alongside one another together with the awesome motion controlling engineering. In one bundle, you’ll be qualified to get Ps3 Move system, the motion control, the eye camera, as well as the multiplayer game; Activity Champions. Towards optional goods, you’ll be confident enough to also purchase bundle hardware that is sold separately. The hardware is this sort of considering the fact that the further motion controllers, navigation controllers, and aside from that the charging station.

Even Microsoft capped of its big pre-E3 event by teasing an upcoming console upgrade designed specifically to tackle the rigorous hardware requirements that VR presents. Sony’s certainly got its chief competitor beat on that front. The hardware giant first unveiled Project Morpheus back in 2014, giving the project the much more straight forward PlayStation VR title last year.

The latter also supports a 110-degree field of view, though, unlike the Rift, it’s intended to function in the space roughly the size of a walk-in closet when used in conjunction with a pair of Steam VR Laser Tracking base stations. The Rift is more as a sit-down device, opposed to one you wear and physically walk around the room with, though some Rift demos require the user stand.playstation vr specs vs oculus

Name sound familiar? That’s because see here‘s Battlezone is the reimagining of the classic 80s tank battle sim. Yeah, the one with the green vector graphics. In the PS VR game, you once again sit in the driver’s seat of a powerful tank and blow your opponents to smithereens. Battlezone features improved visuals (obviously), introducing a colorful, cartoony aesthetic that is definitely eye catching.