10 Retro Movies That Get Virtual Reality Very Wrong (And Occasionally Right)

Update: We finally have an exact worldwide release date of October 13, 2016 for Playstation VR thanks to Sony’s E3 2016 press conference along with the news that 50 VR games are coming for the platform, including Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience and Resident Evil VII which will be fully playable in virtual reality.

Update: The Vita now comes with a built-in Google Maps app. Those of you with Google Maps smartphone apps will recognize the interface and the functionality, allowing you to pinpoint your current location and generate directions to it. You won’t be familiar with the seconds of lag every time you enter a location or even move or zoom the map. I can’t imagine trying to use this to actually navigate the real world.

of the capabilities created to give a fantastic subject dazzling gaming experience alongside one another together with the awesome motion controlling engineering. In one bundle, you’ll be qualified to get Ps3 Move system, the motion control, the eye camera, as well as the multiplayer game; Activity Champions. Towards optional goods, you’ll be confident enough to also purchase bundle hardware that is sold separately. The hardware is this sort of considering the fact that the further motion controllers, navigation controllers, and aside from that the charging station.

Even Microsoft capped of its big pre-E3 event by teasing an upcoming console upgrade designed specifically to tackle the rigorous hardware requirements that VR presents. Sony’s certainly got its chief competitor beat on that front. The hardware giant first unveiled Project Morpheus back in 2014, giving the project the much more straight forward PlayStation VR title last year.

The latter also supports a 110-degree field of view, though, unlike the Rift, it’s intended to function in the space roughly the size of a walk-in closet when used in conjunction with a pair of Steam VR Laser Tracking base stations. The Rift is more as a sit-down device, opposed to one you wear and physically walk around the room with, though some Rift demos require the user stand.playstation vr specs vs oculus

Name sound familiar? That’s because see here‘s Battlezone is the reimagining of the classic 80s tank battle sim. Yeah, the one with the green vector graphics. In the PS VR game, you once again sit in the driver’s seat of a powerful tank and blow your opponents to smithereens. Battlezone features improved visuals (obviously), introducing a colorful, cartoony aesthetic that is definitely eye catching.


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