NVidia Showcases New VR And Gaming Tech At E3 2016

People try the new Sony VR headset at the Sony PlayStation E3 event at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, June 13, 2016.

The games for the console also took a price hike because of production costs and the console running on new technology. Production teams take more time to develop games for PlayStation 4. The costs to produce these games has gotten more expensive as well but the quality and product value is pleasing for the consumer. The games look better, play better and provide the consumer with a whole new experience that is truly next generation.

The Gametel Portable Games Controller simply oozes classic and simplicity when you look at it. It resembles a SNES or NES controller with a modern touch. It is decently sized and is certainly very portable, being just slightly larger than an iPhone 5. The official specifications indicate that the controller can only hold a device with a maximum width of 72 mm. The Note series has a width of 80 mm which means the Gametel Controller will not able to hold the bigger phablets.

It was important for Nintendo to announce some kind of firm online strategy going forward, but it didn’t. Other than a casual mention that the WiFi capabilities of the 3DS would be somewhat enhanced over the DSi, there was no other details laid out. Nothing about what shape the 3DS’s online services would take, no news on additional services beyond online play and a games shop, and no suggestion of a premium service.playstation vr specs vs oculus

Lastly, we come to the last question, which luckily is the easier to answer. When Oculus Rift consumer version” will launch? The short answer: Q1 2016; the long answer: we don’t really know. There are many things that remain to be seen with Oculus Rift Still short of content, even when Valve added a dedicated part of its popular Steam platform to virtual reality, still trying to iron out some last minute details, and still unable to give a certain answer to the last question, we hope Q1 2016 doesn’t mean the last week of March, but rather the early days of January.


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