Sony Reveal Release Date And Price For PS4 Headset

PlayStation VR has finally been given a release date by Sony The virtual-reality headset will come to market on 13 October 2016 priced at just £350.

BattleZone is a riot – but really text-heavy. This is one where you definitely want to have the headset strapped as closely as possible to you to ensure that the text is clear. If not, all of the reading from around your cockpit will be hard to see. The left stick moves you around while the stick aims and R2 fires a basic shot, with L1 launching your super-powerful EMP. It’s a lot of fun to target folks in VR and this setup should work nicely for an FPS at some point.

The answer to this question comes in three parts: local, national and international. Locally, from October 31st through November 22, look for me performing side-by-side with the beautiful LA philharmonic soloist and anomaly herself, singing alto, soprano and Barton, Delaram Kamareh in Hopscotch. As well locally I’m acting in a sci-fi original series as one of many ascended masters in the mystical world of one man’s journey through consciousness. Written, directed, produced by Omar Adam.

The LED strip lights all over the front and rear of the PlayStation VR aren’t just for show. Like the PlayStation Move controllers, they work with the PlayStation Camera to track head position. It is here that you notice the biggest aesthetic difference between the consumer PlayStation VR headset and the previous Project Morpheus one, in that there is now an additional LED strip on the front of the visor. This should make tracking even more vr specs

The familiar hum of a game console – from the Harrier jet noise of the original Xbox 360’s fans to the nigh-imperceptible din of the last-gen PS3 – is hard to escape. The new PS3 manages to make approximately zero noise; it is without a doubt the quietest home console we’ve ever heard (er, not heard, win a free PlayStation VR rather). That’s likely due to the ubiquity of air vents found all over the machine, not to mention three hardware iterations and years of R&D. An entire horizontal half of the rear is dedicated fan space, and the bottom is framed by openings, giving the internals plenty of space to breathe.


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