You Can Try PlayStation VR Starting This Month

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And then I donned the cowl that has struck fear into the hearts of Gotham City’s countless fictitious criminals. Paired with longtime Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy (who brought Bruce Wayne to life in Batman: The Animated Series and each previous Arkham game), the process of suiting up went a long way to making me feel like I actually was the Caped Crusader. Then the elevator descended further into the Bat Cave, which was beset on all sides with waterfalls.

Resolution on headsets is typically measured in pixels per eye, but astute readers will notice the PSVR’s pair of screens adds up to a full 1080p display. The HTC Vive, on the other hand, boasts a 2,160 x 1,200 total display ratio across two smaller screens, one for each eye. That makes it tougher to calculate the pixels per inch, but suffice to say it will be denser than the PSVR’s 386 PPI, already a strong vr specs vs oculus

Oculus Touch’s form factor does have slightly better ergonomics: since the part you grip in your hand is a bit smaller, picking up smaller objects feels a hair more natural. But we don’t want to exaggerate this minor difference: the Vive controllers are still nearly Oculus Touch’s equal in this respect, to the point where we don’t think it should be a factor in the Rift vs. Vive decision.

To plan and create a residential or commercial real-estate or any type of construction is not an easy procedure. Developers, architects and constructors are used to rely on 3D graphics and animation as these tools gives an overview of design in the most-realistic way. In fact, a difference between a rendering and an actual photo of the room is quiet hard to distinguish as both are somehow similar. But what if those 3D renderings will take one step further and people can go inside of it? Today, the architectural industry can cross the rift between an imagination and reality by integrating an immersive experience of Virtual Reality.


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