More PSVR Games Listed Online, Production “On Track”

Sony has officially announced the price and release date of its PlayStation VR virtual reality headset at an event held in San Francisco to coincide with GDC 2016. The gaming giant confirmed a $399 / £349 price point for the PS4-compatible device.

Hal tersebut tentu mendapatkan respon dan animo yang cukup besar dari para gamer. Para konsumen telah menunggu hal ini cukup lama sejak pertama kali diungkapkan pada Maret 2014 lalu di Amerika dalam acara Game Developers Conference. PlayStation VR sendiri merupakan suatu sistem virtual reality yang sangat unik. Bagaimana tidak, teknologi ini menggabungkan PlayStation 4 dengan PlayStation Camera sehingga memungkinkan para pemain menikmati berbagai konten dan game secara maksimal.

Morpheus Castle: Morpheus Castle is a smack-’em-up title that served to demonstrate how Move can be used so brilliantly with PlayStation VR. By pressing the back triggers you’ll curl your fingers into a fist. Extend them rapidly and you’ll throw a punch. Your target? A hanging dummy. Complete the task and you’re rewarded with your first weapon, a sword. This was a smooth, seamless experience and gave me hope that the Star Wars game we’ve always dreamed of – the one where lightsaber duels are not only plausible, but an enjoyable part of the game – are within arm’s reach.

At its most basic, that’s it. If you really do want to get your content from external sources, there’s an HDMI input for that, too. As for controls – at least on the demo unit I tried – you interact with the menu via a simple D-pad and button on the underside of the headset, though most Kickstarter bundles will come with a Bluetooth game controller which can be used as a remote also. Price-wise, it’s starting at a reasonable $202/£135 – though the eventual MSRP will be $450/£300 when it hits vr specs

When did parents and teachers become so protective that they banned competitive games? Children are rugged, both mentally and physically, and games teach them how to try, how to win, and yes, how to lose! It was all part of growing up and learning, which is why I despise the limp-wristed school adminstrators of today who refuse to keep score lest some kid lose ‘self esteem’.

But when it works – and, more importantly, when the game you’re playing doesn’t block the feature – it feels crazy. The initial setup is unintuitive, and the amount of lag will make or break whatever you’re playing. The X-Wing training mission in Star Wars: Battlefront is OK because it doesn’t require twitch enter a PlayStation VR giveaway reflexes for your co-op partner, but dipping into the game’s first-person-shooter survival mode can be unplayable because of lag. Simply watching a friend play a game works pretty well, though, because it’s a passive experience and doesn’t rely on transmitting gameplay data from your console to your buddy’s.


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